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Cement tile roofs

The roof will be high pressure washed with water to remove dust, dirt and grit.

Should it be necessary a weak fungus solution will be used to remove fungus.

Up to 30 tiles, (if the make is available) will be replaced should it be required.

Ridging cement will be checked and fixed with a specialized patching solution, filling up cracks and open patches.

A roof tile sealer is applied in the first coat with the airless spray gun for bonding.

The roof will be sprayed with an airless spray gun to cover with the colour specified with Universal’s roof paint.

Galvanized iron roofs

Only loose paint will be scraped off on inspection.

Application of Universal’s roof paint to cover is done with a brush to the roof surface.

Additional Services Offered by General Guttering

General Guttering also offers roofing services to our valued clients

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