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The gutter material used is described as Colourbond Zincalume.

The gutters are seamless (no leaking) from corner to corner, therefore presenting a neat uninterrupted gutter line against the roof. We roll form the gutters on site from a pre-painted colour bond (no painting ever) coil into the ogee profiled gutters for strength and a timeless aesthetic finish.

The Gutters (sizes available domestic 5" or industrial 6")

We use the industrial gutters for predominantly for larger roof surfaces, and will suit most applications and requirements.

The domestic sized gutter is suitable for most houses and will be effective in this application. Both sizes of the gutters get attached with serrated galvanized nails to the roof timbers using concealed internal aluminium hanger brackets placed at approximately 1200 - 1500 mm centres. The ability of the gutter to carry rain water from the roof with the available positions of the downpipes determine the size of gutter and downpipes to choose.  

The corners are mitre - joined, pop - riveted and sealed with a UV resistant silicon sealer to prevent leaks.

Profiled  end-caps  are fitted to the ends of the gutter and sealed with silicon.

The gutters are fitted as level as possible, the roof levels permitting, with aesthetics as first consideration and function and drainage as second.

Downpipes (sizes available 100x75mm, 75x50mm and 75mm dia)

The downpipes are placed at optimum positions as required by the gutter system and determined by the accuracy of the roof.

Ground drainage are also considered when placing the down pipes, as well as the aesthetics.

The size and the position of the downpipes are mostly determined by your preference, whilst water volume is taken into account.

Please note:.

We are not liable for accidental breakages and damages. Should it be required that lights,satellite dishes,carport, or awning roofs be moved or removed, it would be at the owner’s risk and cost. Water and electrical piping in the walls are the responsibility of the owner and accidental drilling or damage will be for the owner’s account. Standard t’s & c’s apply .The work will be considered completed on presentation of  the final invoice and payment will then be due. Water tanks are supplied only. Position and seating levels thereof remain the responsibility of the client. We undertake to do the work with diligence and as quick as permitted and the client in return undertake to settle their account.  Extra materials and unseen work not quoted for will be for the client’s account. Gutters are seamless from corner to corner, end to end. Downpipes are telescopically joined.  All goods and/or services remain the property of the contractor until the contract is paid for in full. No payments or retentions will be withheld and for whatever reason the goods and/or services are not paid for in full, within 7days, the contractor reserves the right to remove the products, and still claim for the full installation. Installation dates will be confirmed on receipt of the deposit. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required on the order with the balance on completion. No work will commence without a deposit. Any work under the value of R5000 must be paid for in full upfront. The material is guaranteed for 5 years against rusting, flaking and peeling of paint. The  customer/employer accepts this as an order confirmation upon payment of the deposit and acknowledges that no other representations or descriptions were made other than on this document. This document sketch or attachment detail entails the full scope of the works including the positions of pipes and colours.


The material is guaranteed for 5 years against rusting, peeling and fading of paints.

All the old gutters and scrap will be removed from the site unless otherwise timeously requested.

We have been doing gutters for over 25 years, our experience is your guarantee.

Confirmed installation appointments are kept to the best of our ability.


We will need one or two days to complete the work, depending on the difficulty.

We look forward to your valued order, assuring you of our best intentions.

We do require a 50% deposit to confirm the order with the balance then on completion.

Electronic transfers and non transferable cheque payments are preferred. We try not to handle cash for safety and security reasons.

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